Scaffolding Metal Plank

Steel plank is always requested more in system scaffolding, especially in access and scaffolding work. Width and length are the main data.
The low profile steel plank’s top surface is almost level with the top surface of the ledger of scaffolding, but the non-low profile is above the level about 3 or 4cm.
Besides, there is different on the thickness of steel plate which is the materials for steel plank, from 1.2mm to 2mm.
The more thick, the more stable and steady you feel when you step on them, but it means that the plank is more weighty.


Steel Deck 210mm width

Width: 210mm; Height: 45mm;

Code Length
SPW210L500 500mm
SPW210L1000 1000mm
SPW210L1500 1500mm
SPW210L2000 2000mm
SPW210L2500 2500mm
SPW210L3000 3000mm
SPW210L3500 3500mm


Steel Deck 225mm width

Width: 220mm; Height: 38mm;

Code Length
SPW225L500 500mm
SPW225L1000 1000mm
SPW225L1500 1500mm
SPW225L2000 2000mm
SPW225L2500 2500mm
SPW225L3000 3000mm


Steel Walking Board 240mm width

Width: 240mm; Height: 45mm;

Code Length
SPW240L500 500mm
SPW240L1000 1000mm
SPW240L1500 1500mm
SPW240L2000 2000mm
SPW240L2500 2500mm
SPW240L3000 3000mm
SPW240L3500 3500mm


Steel Plank 500mm width with Hooks

Width: 500mm; Height: 50mm;

Code Length
SPW500L500 500mm
SPW500L1000 1000mm
SPW500L1500 1500mm
SPW500L2000 2000mm
SPW500L2500 2500mm
SPW500L3000 3000mm
SPW500L3500 3500mm