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About Us

NORD is one of the leading suppliers of scaffolding system and formwork solutions. We make construction work more economical, faster and safer. Best service to the customer is the claim that drives us every day. NORD has many years of experience in the scaffolding business and is one of the industry’s leaders in innovation and production. Our plants for scaffold production in Wuxi and Tangshan with the highest quality standards.
We focus not only one product, but also we focus on construction processes. How can our customers achieve more with fewer expenditure? Which detail can be optimized, which formwork service provides cost savings? These are thoughts running through our heads over and over again each day until in cooperation with our customers we developed another innovative solution.
For us, safety is more than a priority; it is our culture, a fundamental issue, at every stage.

Our Service

Scaffolding system solutions service.
Nord can supply various efficient and safe scaffoldings base on your different projects.
Formwork solution service
Engineering and technical
Nord can supply the scaffolding and formwork design
Finance service