Scaffolding Base Jack/ U Head Jack

The Screw jack is used as a starting base for a scaffold. It is adjustable in height to allow for compensation on uneven surfaces so that a level scaffold is always attainable.

Technical specification

Base Jack
Type Size (mm) Length (mm) Palte Size(mm) Weight (kg)
Hollow base jack ø38*5.0 L=600 140*140*5 3.58
ø38*5.0 L=600 150*150*6 3.87
Ø48*5.0 L=600 140*140*5 4.55
Ø48*5.0 L=600 150*150*6 4.84
 Solid base jack ø30 L=600 120*120*4 3.61
ø32 L=600 120*120*4 4.03
ø34 L=600 140*140*4 4.66

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